a view from under the pew: moody mouse preaches to the atheists

Gary Mitchell: Religion columnist

amos the churchmouse:

a view from under the pew

Editor’s note: Amos is a churchmouse, who types by hopping on the computer keyboard, but he can’t operate the capital shift, and he shuns punctuation marks – except hyphens and dashes.

moody mouse preaches to the atheists

boss i ran across a bit of
history the other day
about moody mouse the
great evangelist of the
1870s and 1880s who not
only traveled throughout
this country but shook the
british isles as well

it seems that one evening
in east london there was
a hall reserved by moody
mouse and his music
leader sankey cricket
for an address to atheists
skeptics and freethinkers

a rat named bradley
the champion of atheism
ordered all the members
of the clubs he had
organized to go into
that hall that evening
and take possession of it

and boss they did it
they obeyed him and five
thousand mice showed up and
marched into that auditorium
from every direction

when moody mouse asked
all those mice and
sewer rats to choose
their favorite hymns
they all laughed since
atheists don t sing hymns

moody mouse then
spoke on – their rock
is not as our rock
even our enemies
themselves being judges –

and in the course of
that message he
described incident
after incident from
his own experience of
being by the deathbeds
of both christians
and atheists
he let the mice and
rats there be the judges
as to who had the best
foundation to rest
their faith on

boss he challenged them
intellectually and
emotionally at their
most vulnerable point –
their hearts of unbelief

when the sermon
ended moody mouse
announced a hymn
and gave an opportunity
for all those to leave
who didn t want to
stay for the inquiry meeting

the great evangelistic
mouse was astonished
when not one mouse or
rat left his seat

after a few more words
moody mouse asked all
those who would receive
christ as savior and lord
to stand up and say – i will

one big rat the leading
atheist in the club stood up
and shouted – i won t

moody said well fellow
mice you have your champion
here in the middle of the
hall who says – i won t –
so i ask every one of you
who believes him to be right
to rise and say – i won t –

nobody moved boss so
moody says – thank god
now who will say – i will –
question mark here boss

it seemed as if the holy
spirit broke loose on that
great crowd boss and five
hundred mice sprang to
their feet saying – i will
i will – until the whole
atmosphere was changed
and the battle was won