Clovis part of scenic route

Don McAlavy

The route from Fort Worth, Texas to Las Vegas, N.M., is 639.8 miles, and it runs through Clovis, New Mexico.

The subject of this Route Book I’ve had for many years is furnished to tourists accurate and reliable information that will aid them in traveling through one of the most picturesque portions of Texas and part of New Mexico, connecting with all the highways leading into Fort Worth and with the Santa Fe Trail and in to Las Vegas. A lot of people do not know where Clovis is located (if you’re from Florida).

If you’re in Dallas County you head for Tarrant County (that’s where Fort Worth is, and if you keep going you run into Parker County (that’s where Weatherford is!)). Keep going and sure enough you cross over into Palo Pinto County and come on to Mineral Wells and on to Graford. Next you’re in Young County and come upon Graham and to town of Jean and on to Olney. (You’re close to the Brazos River.)

On to Archer County and come to the town of Megargel and a few miles you cross over to Baylor County and hit the town of Westover and quickly into Seymour and on to Red Springs and quickly over into Knox County and there is the little town of Vera (You will know that some of these little towns are not there any more).

Next is Bengamin and head north and cross over into Foard County across the Wichita River and soon come up on Crowell.

Now you head west over into Cottle County and run into Paducah. Up north of Paducah is the Pease River. By now you’re headed for Motley County and hit on into the good town of Matador and hit the Caprock of the Plains.

Now you’re in Floydada and headed west to Hale County and Plainview. Your are now on the way west to Clovis, but have to go into Lamb County and might want to go south a bit to the little old town of Olton to get a good drink.

Now you turn a little to the northwest and run into Bailey County and sure enough you are headed to New Mexico, but first you run into Farwell (that’s Texas of course) and quickly you come over the Santa Fe Railroad and over into New Mexico into Texico just across the New Mexico state line.

Now where do you go? You go about 10 miles and on into Clovis, the best town I’ve ever been in. I know because I was born there in 1931.

I can’t go further as I and my wife Kathy and I have to see many of our good friends there in Clovis. Yes, we’ll have a good time around in Clovis for sure. We will drive up in our SUV pulling a “Scamp” enclosed in comfort where we will sleep each night. A Scamp is a small camper which I hitch to the back of my SUV.

I do hope my old friend Harold Kilmer is still kicking around as I have missed him. He and I were those kind of people that like to go out in the country and find graves and take down the names of the person or persons.

We do love Clovis and I sure like David Stevens at the Clovis News Journal and the many friends my wife and I have had these many, many years.

I will turn 80 the last day of December this year. I hope to go on to help with our little kids in and around St. Petersburg, Florida where they live and those of our older family members. I and my wife thank everyone of you who know Kathy and I. You are all our friends.