More than 5,000 students enrolled at ENMU

CNJ staff

Eastern New Mexico University set a new record for enrollment this fall. According to a university press release, this semester marks ENMU’s first to enroll more than 5,000 students.

Semester credit hours, which affects funding, rose by 7 percent, according to the release.

The release says that total enrollment is 5,080 students this semester, including 4,090 undergraduate and 990 graduate students. Undergraduates consist of 1,396 freshmen and sophomores and 2,223 juniors and seniors. Non-degree-seeking students account for the remainder of the undergraduate total, according to the release.

The school set its previous enrollment record in fall 2009 with 4,685 students. This semester’s enrollment is an 8.4 percent increase over that number, according to the release.

Before fall 2009, the record stood at 4,342 students from the fall 1972 semester.

Steven Gamble, ENMU president, said in the release that the school’s faculty and its dedication to student achievement helped bolster enrollment by giving the school a reputation for offering low-cost, high-quality education.

“The state of the economy is also a big factor,” Gamble said. “It is no secret that in tough economic times, more people attend higher education institutions to obtain the training and credentials to assist them in finding employment.”

Gamble said numbers are not the only important factor in student enrollment.

“Numbers are nice, but it is the quality of our graduates and their contributions to society that make me the proudest,” Gamble said.