Amid disasters, God takes care of all things

Judy Brandon: Religion columnist

I watch the news most days. Some days there is news of victories and stories that warm my heart. Then again, some days are filled with not so good news.

One evening last week I sat through an hour of doom and gloom. First topic on the news was the terrible gas explosion in California. I watched as reports came in that fireballs had literally exploded in the sky, people had been killed, homes were consumed in flames and several people were missing.

Then the news anchor switched to the terrible wildfires in Colorado where people’s homes and livelihood has been disturbed. Next I heard about another proposed bailout but the government is not calling it a bailout. I heard statistics about America getting more and more in debt. One financial commentator announced that the United States is on the precipice of a second even more serious recession. Then came a commercial break.

The next topic on the news concerned the new health care bill. A non partisan financial accounting agency released a report that because of the new health care bill, he projected that Medicare patients will be without health care in maybe 10 years. Medical providers are opting out of Medicare participation because of the even more bureaucratic red tape that will be involved with Medicare patients. Then came a commercial break.

Next? Hurricane Igor … Islamic terrorism … escaped felons … failing schools … floods and diseases … corrupt politicians … our wheezing economy … immigration confusion … workplace violence … homegrown terrorists in quiet communities … the worrisome stories went on and on. I had enough! I turned the set off and thought: why did I even watch the news in the first place? I vowed to find something better to do with my time than watch the evening news in the afternoon. Maybe I was just better off not knowing any of those depressing stories.

As I stood up and glanced around the den, my eyes could not help but linger on the relics of our heritage and the framed images of children and grandchildren. I glanced through the hall to the kitchen and saw my refrigerator door that was lined with grandchildren’s artwork and school pictures and calendars encircled by flowers.

I thought of our world today and how very wide the chasm that separates my world and our present world.

When the news that day had been filled with words like hate and terrorism and murder and violence, I saw on the fireplace mantle the promises of God in homemade birthday cards for a great grandmother’s 90th birthday. These cards were colorful with pictures and written scriptures that my grandchildren fashioned from crayons, markers, sequins and glue sticks.

When the news had mentioned crashing economic financial markets and the prospect of a second recession, I saw the simplicity of simple things … my simple life but a full life. I remembered that my treasure is not on earth in the financial markets but in heaven with the Savior.

I am assured that God, who sees and knows all hearts of men and women, looks down in sorrow at the predicament of our world. When will He decide that time will no more? No one knows but we can only be prepared. Jesus Himself said: “So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.” (Mt.24:44).

When that time comes, the threat of nuclear weapons, a worrisome health care bill, financial recession, and terrorism will cease to be problems. Jesus Christ will take care of all matters whether in the hearts of men or in the circumstances of their lives.

Judy Brandon is a Clovis resident. Contact her at: