Fires gut police cars in storage

Jared Tucker: Freedom New Mexico Portales Firefighter Gary Raines begins to extinguish three police cars on fire Friday at the Portales City Yard. The vehicles were totaled and being used for parts, according to Portales City Manager Tom Howell.

Freedom New Mexico

Fire of unknown origin gutted three police cruisers Friday at the Portales city storage yard, where the cars were being stripped and used for parts.

The Portales Fire Department was dispatched around 3:15 p.m. when a passing motorist saw black smoke and called 911, according to Lt. Floyd Hancock.

Hancock said mechanics and staff had left for the day when the fire was discovered.

Hancock said the point of origin hasn’t been determined and the cause of the fire is under investigation.

The yard is off of State Road 267 on Roosevelt Road T west of Portales.

City Manager Tom Howell said the value of the vehicles is very little, since they were already totaled and being used for parts to repair other cruisers.

All three vehicles burned were Chevrolet Impalas.