Weekly update — Sept. 19

Burglaries under investigation

Police are looking into a series of burglaries in the same block as large-scale acts of vandalism took place in 2009.

Various tools were stolen from a series of homes on Carmel Street and Cobblestone Drive, which intersects Carmel.

Carmel Street, near the Clovis Civic Center, is where a series of homes was damaged by bulldozers. The damage, caused over a weekend, was discovered Sept. 19, 2009.

When asked if there was any evidence to lead the Clovis Police Department towards or away from a connection between last weekend’s burglaries and the bulldozing, Capt. Patrick Whitney said, “None at all.”

The damage was reported the morning of Sept. 10.

Whitney said the cases are under investigation, and there are no leads on last year’s bulldozings.

— Kevin Wilson