Letter to the editor: Smiles can change person’s life

I have lived in Clovis for near most of my life. On Sept. 20, I had to make a police report on an incident that happened the Monday before (nothing too serious).

I have been sick for quite some years and lately I’ve been in physical pain with some mental anguish and distress. I believe God sends people your way or toward your path when you think you can’t go on another day. But I’d forgotten this.

When I got to the Clovis police station, Officer Roland Kroeger, whom I had been speaking to by phone for a week, met me in the lobby. It was then I saw a genuine smile — the most beautiful smile on Officer Kroeger’s face.

I’ve never seen this officer before and probably never will again until we meet in heaven. I will keep his smile in my memory box and heart.

I woke up the day after and got up and looked in the mirror and for the first time in over 20 years, I smiled. God put someone in my path to brighten my destination. I guess a smile can change a life. It might even save the world.

Thank you, Officer Kroeger.

May you always smile.