Inmate charged with assault on officers


An inmate upset over phone privileges beat two detention officers Friday, sending them to the hospital with multiple injuries.

Joshua Fronhofer, 20, is charged with two counts of assault by a prisoner and two counts of battery on a peace officer, according to Undersheriff Wesley Waller.

Curry County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the jail around 8 p.m. Friday for a report of battery on two detention officers, records show.

The officers, a male and female, were treated and released from Plains Regional Medical Center. Waller said the male officer suffered head and facial injuries including a fractured cheekbone.

The female officer received injuries to her head, face, arms and hand, he said.

Waller said Fronhofer was contained in a holding cell and communicated he was upset about his phone privileges, then began a verbal dispute with an officer.

At some point he was released into the holding area and continued the dispute, at which time the detention officer called for assistance and attempted to restrain him.

Fronhofer punched the officer in the face and also punched the responding officer, continuing to punch and kicking both officers until other officers responded and managed to restrain him, Waller said.

Waller said it is unclear how he came to be in the holding area unrestrained.