Letters to the editor: Time to put stop to tax increases

Time to put stop to tax increases

Regarding Curry County’s proposal to build a judicial complex:

Vote no on Nov. 2.

This bond will cost the taxpayers and property owners $33 million and increase the gross receipts tax by 25 cents (on a $100 purchase) for 15 to 25 years.

And this is only the first-phase estimate cost. Overall, the cost will be around $100 million.

The Clovis and Curry County property owners cannot afford this. Join me to vote against the tax bond.

The first thing you teach a horse is “whoa,” which means stop. So now I say whoa to all voters. Stop this while we can.

Stop, look, and listen. Join me in this effort to stop the destruction of downtown Clovis and stop the building of this unneeded complex.