Food at the speed of life: Celebrity chef offers thoughts on cooking

New York resident and India native Suvir Saran is a chef, chef instructor, farmer, blogger, cookbook author and restaurant owner. He said he’s cooked for as long as he can remember.

I asked for his thoughts on cooking.

Suvir’s philosophy:

• “To me, cooking is not about entertainment, it’s not about fanfare, not about fuss, not about showing off. It is the most essential of all chores one can indulge in.”

• “You are what you eat. And so I hope more Americans would pay attention to what they stuff in their mouths.”

• “Forget about the TV food stars, forget about the beautiful photographs in food magazines. Real food, healthful food, is the food our grandmas and dads cooked for us.”

To people feeling too busy to cook:

• “Spend time, make time.”

• “Families that cook together, eat together and talk at the table will be the families of the future that stay together … If we laughed, argued, debated and shared information with each other at the table, we would be less visits to the shrink.”

For beginners:

• “Go have fun in the kitchen. Make mistakes, get dirty, relax, cook and enjoy.”

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