Provisional warrant approved for Noe Torres

CNJ staff

An arrest warrant to hasten extradition from Mexico has been obtained for Clovis fugitive Noe Torres.

A provisional warrant for Torres has been approved, according to a press release issued Wednesday by state Attorney General Gary King.

Torres is charged with murder in connection with the September 2005 shooting of 10-year-old Carlos Perez.

District Attorney Matt Chandler said the warrant provision complements a federal warrant issued shortly after the shooting and essentially pre-approves extradition from Mexico in the event Torres is captured there, expediting his return to Curry County.

“We have federal agents now that have been assigned the special task of locating Noe Torres. We’re continuing to follow new leads and have been working very closely with U.S. Marshals,” Chandler said.

Following the shooting, police said Torres fled Clovis and they believe he has traveled back and forth from Mexico to avoid capture.