October brings cooler weather

By Jim Robinson Meteorological technician, 27th Special Operations Support Squadron

October continues the transition from the warm season into the cold season, and continues to feature some of the most pleasant weather conditions of the year here.

By mid October, the typical summertime pattern of relatively frequent late day thunderstorms has little influence due to the diminishing influence of the sun. On the other hand, a typically autumnal pattern of increasing synoptic influence, characterized by about four or five strong cold fronts during the month, continues to strengthen. The strong cold fronts often feature temperature drops of 20 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit in a couple hours and wind speeds that approach 60 mph. The highest recorded wind gust in October is slightly more than 73 mph.

The amount of potentially available sunlight decreases by 62 minutes from Oct. 1 to Oct. 31. Sunrise occurs later by 25 minutes as the month progresses, ranging from 6:47a.m. Oct. 1, to 7:12 a.m. by Oct. 31. Sunset gets earlier by 37 minutes through the month as well, ranging from 6:37 p.m. Oct. 1, to 6 p.m. by Oct. 31 31st. Thus, the region loses more potentially available sunlight in the evening than it does in the morning.

The average temperature for the month is 59 degrees, ranging from 64 degrees on the first day of the month down to 53 degrees by month’s end on Halloween. The average maximum temperature is 73 degrees, with the average daily maximum temperature ranging from 78 degrees at month’s start to 67 degrees Oct. 31.