Official: Bond money would go to classroom renovation at CCC

Liliana Castillo

Clovis Community College is one of six institutions hoping to receive $1 million or less from Education Bond D, one of four bond issues on the Nov. 2 general election ballot.

Education Bond D sets aside money to help improve infrastructure at colleges and universities statewide.

Bond D totals $155.2 million and is paid for by a property tax assessment of about 30 cents per year per $1,000 of a property’s taxable value. For example, a person who owns a home with $100,000 of assessed value, will pay $9.98 more a year in property taxes.

CCC plans to renovate a section of the campus called Phase VI which was built in 1995, according to Executive Director for Business and Government Relations Tom Drake. The space will be vacated by the radiologic technology and nursing programs when the second building of the Allied Health building is complete in the summer of 2012.

Phase VI is a combination of makeshift classrooms and offices that will be repurposed and technology will be integrated into the design, Drake said.

“There is a demand for smart classrooms,” Drake said.

A smart classroom contains an instructor console with a projector which has can display DVD material and anything a computer can access to a class.

President John Niebling said if the bond passes, it allows the college to better use technology.

“Many classes today in many areas, the curriculum comes with software,” Neibling said.

Drake said if bonds are approved in November, they will be sold and money won’t be available to the college until Spring 2011.

“Then we have several months of plan and design,” he said.

Because education bonds are put on the ballot on even numbered years only, waiting until November 2012 would be too late for the college to stay on track with its plan.

The first phase of the Allied Health building was built with $3 million in general obligation bond money and the second phase will be built from $4 million in GO bond money from the 2008 election, Drake said.

Drake said bonds from the 2000 election are being retired before the election.