Military mama: Twins keeping me on my toes

Twins, I have twins. There are days my mind is still boggled by this fact though its been nearly nine months. We’ve been experiencing some growing pains lately. I thought I was familiar with teething, I lived through it with my first child. But teething times two is brutal. My little Aidan got his first two teeth in one week, Brooklyn is working on her own dental eruption but is taking her sweet time.

And there once was a time when all I wished was that my babies would just be able to do a few things for themselves; those moments when there simply aren’t enough hands to go around. But I’ve reached a conclusion: Babies are easier when they stay in one place. The days when swaddling kept their limbs held close, all I would have to worry about was a little rolling. Then there came the need to buckle them in to any swing, bouncer, car seat because the squirming was just wiggly enough to have the potential to displace them. Now, I’m pretty sure a straight jacket couldn’t hold these Houdinis for long!

It was adorable when the munchkins first sat up, balancing their big ol’ bobble heads. Even more so when they started performing baby yoga, laying on their tummies and holding their upper bodies as upright as possible. But we’ve quickly reached a new challenge. The babies have figured out how to force their chubby little arms and legs to cooperate. They’re moving. They’re lurching. They’re on the crawl!

Chasing one baby has several obstacles, yet chasing two is darn near impossible. I am most certainly getting my exercise because my twins have very different interests. Aidan wants to figure out how everything works. Brooklyn wants to figure out how everything tastes.

Aidan has thus far discovered how brick, dog hair and a variety of toys feel — with his head. Brooklyn has put assorted small toys, furniture, toes and fingers that do not belong to her in her mouth.

I’ve never been a fan of the baby leash, before I was a mom I snickered at those who had to resort to pet gear for their kids. Then once I had a child my feelings softened, after a few near toddler disappearances. Now, with carpet crawlers going in different directions, I am tempted to get two harnesses and simply buckle them to each other! The problem I foresee is that it might become an excellent workout regimen and I would then be left that much farther behind by the dynamic duo. Well, now that I think of it, I could also picture my oldest mushing them along like a pack of huskies. Okay, I’ll go back to the drawing board. In the mean time, I’ve got some serious baby-proofing to do.