De Baca County sample ballot

The following is a sample of the Nov. 2 general election ballot as it will appear to DeBaca County voters:

United States Representative
District 2
Vote for one:
• Harry Teague (D)
• Steve Pearce (R)

Governor and Lt. Governor
Vote for one:
• Diane D. Denish and Brian S. Colon (D)
• Susana Martinez and John A. Sanchez (R)
• Declared write in candidate

Secretary of State
Vote for one:
• Mary Herrera (D)
• Dianna J. Duran (R)

State Auditor
Vote for one:
• Hector Balderas (D)
• Errol J. Chavez (R)

State Treasurer
Vote for one:
• James B. Lewis (D)
• Jim D. Schoonover (R)

Attorney General
Vote for one:
• Gary K. King (D)
• Matthew E. Chandler (R)

Commissioner of Public Lands
Vote for one:
• Ray Bennett Powell (D)
• Matthew D. Rush (R)

Judge of the Court of Appeals
Position 1
Vote for one:
• Robert E. Robles (D)
• Ned S. Fuller (R)

Judge of the Court of Appeals
Position 2
Vote for one: