Cannon spouses start German club

Alisa Boswell

Calling all fluent German speakers to join them is a new German club that has stemmed from Cannon Air Force Base. Deutscher Stammtisch, which is German for German Club, was started by Barbara Howery, the wife of an Air Force major stationed at CAFB.

After coming to Clovis with her husband, Howery was given the name and number of another German military wife, Barbara Honorato. Howery said she came up with the idea for the club after meeting Michaela Hansen, another military wife who new several other German military wives at Cannon.

Howery has been at CAFB for three months and in the U.S. since February of this year. Howery met her husband four years ago when he was stationed in Germany.

“It’s funny,” said Howery. “Because my husband was always fascinated with Germany and always said he would marry a German.”

Howery said she and her husband maintained a long distance relationship for two years after he returned to the U.S. then were married in May 2009 in Germany. Howery said after mountains of difficult paperwork, she was at last able to join her husband in the U.S. in February.

Howery said when she first came to the U.S., she felt helplessness due to her lack of fluency with English but began to feel more bold and independent again when she realized how understanding people were about her situation.

“I can really say that Americans are very nice,” said Howery. “They are very patient and understanding.”

Howery said she has so far learned there are 16 other German women in the Clovis area and her club now has seven German military wives as members.

“This has been a great opportunity for reminding me where I come from and for teaching my children German again,” said Barbara Honorato, another club member. “It’s definitely made the times of being here without a husband a lot more fun.”

Howery said the club is not limited to military personnel and their spouses but is open to anyone who speaks fluent German. She said the club members want to spread the word so that other local German natives can have a “home away from home” as well.

Deutscher Stammtisch meets the first Monday of the month at noon and the third Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. at various locations. The next meeting is Nov. 1. To find out more information or to join, go to their Facebook page listed under their German name.