Letters to the editor: Tough decisions await voters Tuesday

Tough decisions await voters Tuesday

Over the past several months, the Curry County Commission, members of the court and county management have tried to answer and provide educational materials to every voter in Curry County on the complicated issues regarding the proposed judicial complex on this upcoming ballot.

The two issues before the citizens of Curry County on Tuesday:

• Question 1: Shall Curry County issue up to $16,500,000 in general obligation bonds for a courthouse?

• Question 2: Shall Curry County impose a quarter cent county capital outlay gross receipts tax, with the primary purpose to construct a 120-bed male medium/maximum security addition to the Adult Detention Center?

These are very tough issues for our county, but issues that we must address with an eye to the future. These are not issues only for the judges or County Commission to decide, but for our community — a responsibility we all share as county residents.

While there has been a great deal of debate on these two questions, I do believe two facts are clear:

First, we have an opportunity now to save money on construction costs and interest rates.

Second, we have the opportunity to address our public safety needs so that we stop paying hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to other facilities to house our inmates out-of-county, providing jobs to other counties’ residents.

I encourage every registered voter in Curry County to come out and vote on Tuesday.

Anyone with questions on these issues is encouraged to contact my office at 763-6016, or online at:


Lance A. Pyle

Curry County manager

Too many taxes for area residents

Curry County officials and others want to spend $33 million or so to build a new judicial complex and jail.

Remember, this is only the first of several proposed projects they say will total something around $90 million.

Don’t forget inflation and cost overruns that, when complete, could send the total much higher.

Are property owners ready to bear that burden? Curry County apparently couldn’t afford to buy asphalt to fix potholes for months. Remember CCR 14 west of NM 209?

Oh, and what will happen to the old post office on which the county spent three quarters of a million of our tax dollars?

So, we shift part of the burden to a gross receipts tax. Let’s see: a GRT in Curry County, increased sewage fees to toss our trash, cap and trade issues from the state, and talk of a value-added tax from the feds.

What will our cost of living be?

Don’t any of these people listen to the economists telling us this economy cannot bear any new tax increases until the economy recovers?

History has proven that spending during a recession or depression lengthens the recovery period. I challenge each and every voter or wanna-be pundit to research this for himself.

Let’s use what we have till the economy improves. Let’s work on fixing the administrative problems within the county and at the jail. By not passing this plethora of tax disasters, we might actually get more industry that is looking for a reasonable tax base.

I will not vote for the judicial complex, nor will I vote for any spending measure.

I will vote for real change: No incumbents.

Frank Dalton