Club notes — 10-31

Roosevelt General Hospital Auxiliary

The Oct. 20, 2010, Executive Council meeting of the Roosevelt General Hospital Auxiliary convened in the community room of the hospital.

President Sid Phillips called the meeting to order following 24 members getting their flu shots. A few members had received their shots earlier. The minutes were accepted as read by Adele Breech.

Treasurer Wanda Martinez gave her report. Phillips brought attention to the fact that a great deal of money has been spent during the year on functions in the hospital and a fundraiser might be needed. Discussion followed. With the slow economy, food and energy prices higher and age, members voted to raise the dues to $10 effective in January.

Vice President Faye Fenton presented two sets of 100 hours bars to Jaculine Turner and Eva McAfoos.

Phillips stated the auxiliary would be providing candy for the hospital to give out on Halloween.