Voters pass Bonds A, B, C

Liliana Castillo

At midnight Tuesday, voters were approving three of the four bonds created by the 2010 Capital Projects General Obligation Bond Act with 92 percent of the votes in.

Bonds A, B and C passed and Bond D failed.

Bond C will devote more than $5 million in bonds to the improvement of public school facilities. More specifically, the money will be used for pre-kindergarten classrooms, facilities at public schools, public school books and instructional materials.

Bond C took 61 percent of the vote, or 286,201 for and 184,956 votes against.

Bond A will provide just under $8 million to improve senior citizen facilities statewide.

Bond B will provide more than $7 million to public schools, tribal and public library acquisitions.

Bond A won 54 percent of the vote. That’s 250,267 votes for and 214,788 votes against.

According to Denise Burnett of Portales Public Library, Bond B will bring $127,314 to Roosevelt County libraries.

Bond B won 52 percent of the vote with 245,147 votes for and 221,913 against.

Some $19,818 of the money will go to Portales Public Library while $16,778 will go to Portales school libraries and $76,129 to Eastern New Mexico University’s Golden Library.

Burnett said the funds given to the public library will be used to add eight more computer stations for customers.

Bond D would have provided $7 million for Eastern New Mexico University and $1 million for Clovis Community College. Both institutions had planned to use the money for construction improvements.

Bond D was failing by less than 2,000 votes by counts. There were 233,904 votes for and 235,617 against.