Three bond issues approved

CNJ staff

Voters approved three of the four bonds created by the 2010 Capital Projects General Obligation Bond Act Tuesday.

Bonds A, B and C passed and Bond D was failed.

Bond C will devote more than $5 million in bonds to the improvement of public school facilities. More specifically, the money will be used for pre-kindergarten classrooms, facilities at public schools, public school books and instructional materials.

Bond C took 61 percent of the vote, or 312,460 for and 202,061 votes against.

Bond A will provide just under $8 million to improve senior citizen facilities statewide.

Bond B will provide more than $7 million to public schools, tribal and public library acquisitions.

Bond A won 54 percent of the vote. That’s 273,436 votes for and 234,506 votes against.

According to Denise Burnett of Portales Public Library, Bond B will bring $127,314 to Roosevelt County libraries.

Bond B won 52 percent of the vote with 266,912 votes for and 243,030 against.

Some $19,818 of the money will go to Portales Public Library while $16,778 will go to Portales school libraries and $76,129 to Eastern New Mexico University’s Golden Library.

Burnett said the funds given to the public library will be used to add eight more computer stations for customers.

Bond D would have provided $7 million for Eastern New Mexico University and $1 million for Clovis Community College. Both institutions had planned to use the money for construction improvements.

Bond D failed by just over 2,000 votes. There were 255,096 votes for and 257,286 against.