Military mama: Veterans Day for all heroes

There’s something about a man in uniform; there’s an undeniable, strength and responsibility of donning the gear of the armed forces. It isn’t simply about an attraction to a certain type of person, there is a lot of implied valor whether you see a no striper or a highly decorated zebra-arm. There is a great deal of honor that comes with experience, but even the youngest of airmen have signed on for the greatest challenge of their lives — for me, for us, for our country.

And ladies, I am so privileged to know so many active duty females who truly embody the strength of character of the right-to-vote era women. I am all about girl power and I see the spirit of Rosie the Riveter blended with the strength of G.I. Jane. It takes a special kind, and to do it so gracefully is truly impressive.

I am so in awe of the service that you give each day, every individual plays a vital role in making the military community function.

There are so many veterans in our community that have served our country so honorably and have since settled down to often less grandiose jobs. Some wear their experience with pride on the bill of their hat, or the back of their leather vests as they cruise about town on their motorcycles. But more often than not they go quietly about their business, with only personal memories. Often taking a reunion to recall and revisit brothers in arms, and mourn those who have since passed.

The families are also unspoken heroes. Sure, we don’t tote an M-4 or enter any war zones, however we do our best to hold together our families through good times and bad. We are here for support, even when we have no idea what is truly going on in the day to day. I’ve spoken before about the military spouses who simply put me to shame, I am far too easily overwhelmed to even consider competing with their energy. I do my best to emulate their drive and desire to make the world a better place in my own low-key way. Everyone needs a line of support and a safety net in a crazy world, this is the role of military dependents.

Unfortunately there is another subset of the military family: those who have served and given their all, whose lives were ended in the line of duty. I am so grateful for the ultimate sacrifices that have been made. We will not ever forget you and your service. We will forever be in your debt for the services you rendered, my heart goes out to the loved ones of each and every one of those fallen troops.

I know that it would simply be impossible to meet every military person and every veteran so that I could demonstrate my appreciation in the universal handshake and pat on the arm of gratitude.

It should not take a special day for us to show our appreciation, however this annual reminder does bring a renewed sense of appreciation. Thank you wholeheartedly for your service.