Tax cuts for rich huge part of national debt

Your recent editorial suggesting the November election should invigorate Washington advocates the extension of Bush’s tax cuts for the rich, repealing the health care reform and underfunding or eliminating a “few” vulnerable federal agencies.

The editorial says Bush’s tax cuts should be extended. The tax cuts for the rich are a HUGE part of our deficits, a fact deficit hawks choose to ignore.

Repealing the health care reform will send us back to the same most expensive system in the world while leaving millions uninsured and allowing 30,000 plus per year to die due to no insurance. It is not government takeover of health care. Read some investigative journalists evaluation of the situation.

The editorial says “a few federal agencies should be targeted for steep budget cuts or outright elimination.” I think Tom Mullins had the Department of Education in mind on that.

Identifying some despised agencies should be pretty easy, say, EPA, mine safety, FDA, OSHA. Those bureaucrats just get in the way of business never mind that their purpose is to protect us citizens.

Governmental agencies were created because of abuses the private sector could not or would not address.

A more appropriate word for the proposals would be destructive not invigorating, unless you have a 747 at your disposal.