Short snow flurry hits Clovis

Kevin Wilson

The snow that hit Clovis Monday was brief, and the National Weather Services thinks it will be isolated.

Clovis received trace amounts of snow Monday while many were on lunch break. The flurry lasted from about 12:30 to 1:30 p.m., but 40-degree weather kept the snow from accumulating.

Daniel Porter, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Albuqerque, said Clovis was on the back edge of precipitation that was heading to the west and slightly south. He figured eastern New Mexico had seen the last of the snow by the afternoon — when there was a 20 percent chance of precipitation — but there was a 10 percent chance of precipitation overnight.

He doesn’t anticipate any storm systems in New Mexico for at least another week.

“I think it’s going to be pretty quiet,” Porter said. “We have an upper level high moving across the area. The weather you’re experiencing now will be alleviated by the higher temperatures as soon as Wednesday.”

Any moves people took for the snow could be described as precautionary at this point. Jim Burns, owner of the Burns Do-It-Yourself Center on Prince Street, said the store has not yet sold a shovel, there were some snow-related customers.

“Not many (came in), but we did sell some ice melt, which is probably not a bad idea,” Burns said. “If we end up with any moisture, that’s going to be ice in the morning.”

Ice melt eliminates sidewalk ice similarly to salt, Burns said, but is a fertilizer product that doesn’t damage grass.

Capt. Patrick Whitney of the Clovis Police Department said no major weather-related crashes were reported.

The rest of the week calls for sunny skies with highs from 45 to 61 degrees, and clear nights with lows near 32 degrees.