Food at the speed of life: Plenty of options for leftover turkey

It’s the traditional post-Thanksgiving question: What do I do with all that leftover turkey?

In an effort to help answer that, I’ve collected a few ideas from other people:

• Green chile turkey enchiladas

• Turkey and dumplings

• Turkey casserole

• Turkey gumbo

• White chili (with white beans and turkey)

• Turkey salad

• Turkey taquitos

• Sandwiches to give to somebody who needs extra help with food.

I like to divide turkey into portions big enough to make a few sandwiches or a serving or two as an entree, and freeze those portions in individual bags. That way, I don’t have to worry about the meat spoiling, and I have small amounts of turkey I can use easily.

You could defrost the turkey for:

• Sandwiches.

• Quick meals. For easy sides, try bread with butter or jelly, a piece of fresh fruit, salad, defrosted and seasoned frozen vegetables or some combination thereof.

• A substitute for pre-cooked chicken in just about any recipe.

To give credit where credit is due, these people contributed turkey-use ideas: Sean Shepherd, Dee Teal, Betty Williamson, Jodie Owen, Seth Price, Dianna Hernandez, Ashley Duncan, Jackie Schlotfeldt and Tom Zumbro.