County forms citizen committees

Sharna Johnson

Curry County commissioners Tuesday formed two citizen committees to evaluate and make recommendations on issues with the jail and courthouse security.

Commissioners ultimately decided to allow all who volunteered to serve on the committees of their choice, resulting in 13 citizens on the courthouse committee and 11 on the jail committee.

By unanimous vote, the committees will be closed to the public and County Manager Lance Pyle was appointed as a non-voting chairman on each.

The committees have been given a deadline of March 15 to return to the commission with recommendations.

The purpose of the committees is to assist in solving infrastructure and financial needs of the jail and courthouse in regards to security and other issues.

County Attorney Stephen Doerr said should the committees wish to solicit public input or hold a hearing, they have the authority to do so at any time.

Commissioners discussed the possibility of appointing committee members to represent each district, however Pyle said one commission district — Bobby Sandoval’s — lacked volunteers.

And Commissioner Wendell Bostwick said he wanted to avoid appointments because it implied the county wanted yes men.

“I don’t want the premise that I appointed someone to the committee that is of like thought. I want the precept that it is an independent committee,” Bostwick said. “I think we let them be independent (and) close the doors. I want to keep the political aspects out of it —