First person: Veteran ringer

CNJ staff photo: Kevin Wilson David Garza of Clovis has been a bell ringer for the Salvation Army for five years.

David Garza of Clovis, is one of many faces behind the bells and the red kettles outside throughout the Christmas season.

Garza, 46, was one of two ringers collecting money for the Salvation Army at the Wal-Mart entrance Thursday afternoon. He said he’s lived in Clovis for most of his life, having first arrived in fifth grade.

Veteran of the system: I’ve been doing the bell ringing about five years. I enjoy seeing the people and helping out at Wal-Mart. I’m a good bell ringer, and they tell me every day. They won’t let me go.

Mobile ringer: I enjoy ringing, seeing people come out here. I’ll sometimes move carts back and forth, help people. Everybody comes in and out every day, so I really don’t know (if there are busier days).

The first ring: It’s kind of scary the first time. You can see them hiding their money (when they’re walking up).

Coming prepared: They ask me, “Are you cold?” I cover myself with ski pants.

In for the long haul: I work from 9 in the morning until 8 in the afternoon. I put in long hours. I’ve got another job. This is just seasonal work for me. I work for homecare and I take care of one of my uncles.