Letter to the editor: Chamber program appreciated

I read with admiration Friday’s article about the Chamber of Commerce handing out grocery money from “Random Acts of Kindness.”

I thought how nice, especially this time of year. Large family gatherings and lots of goodies can strain a budget.

I was thinking about this while in line at a local grocery store… in front of me was a lady with a few items and in front of her was an elderly couple. They put their few things on the conveyor belt … package of chicken wings, box of oats, eggs, bread and canned goods.

As the clerk rang up the bill the lady got out her money … the clerk counted it out and said something to her. She began digging into her purse and out came a little coin purse. She began counting out coins and the lady in front of me remarked how they were holding up the line … old people!!

Then the clerk shook her head and the lady looked to her husband and he shook his head … she then reached into one of the bags and removed a can of peaches.

The clerk subtracted the amount and handed the lady a dime and penny back. I grabbed my purse and pulled out a dollar but she smiled and said, “No thanks, we don’t really need them” and they walked out with their purchases. I thought how very sad. The folks with that full basket that received the Chamber of Commerce money probably felt sure they could pay for their goods … and I’m sure they were grateful.

But just ten dollars would have meant so much to this couple … and if they had that $50 from the Chamber they would have thought they won the lottery.