Military mama: Squadron party good way to round out year

I t’s that time of year again. Bells are jingling, eggs are nogging and fruitcake is being mailed from person to person in hopes that someone dare take a taste. But more than any holiday tradition, religious or family oriented, the Air Force always knows how to put on a good time. One of the most entertaining events of the year is the squadron Christmas party. And I’m not talking about the one for the kiddos with treats and Santa. The shindig that is for grownups only is a hoot!

Though this is the busiest time of year as we hustle about from one store to the next, one event after another. There is one evening out that is always worth its weight in gold. There are always new spouses to meet and old friends to catch up with. Plus, it’s always nice to put faces to names of the active duty folks that see my husband more than I do.

Most often the booze flows, and all stripes fall off for the evening. It is such a fun way to see everyone out of uniform, dressed up and more jovial than you’ve seen all year. Some parties are definitely better than others, the luck of the draw often determines the level of fanciness and the price of the ticket. But, it’s definitely worth the cost simply to see everyone cut loose. Even the worst-planned events can make for some fantastic memories. The food may be so so, the venue may be just a room with a large occupancy limit, but it is always a good time to share the Christmas spirit.

This is a time for celebration and also a time for reflection. Often times, beyond the door prizes and dinner there will be a few moments to cover the accomplishments of the squadron. Whether it is in the form of a slide show, a toast, or a simple synopsis of the tasks and missions that have been completed throughout the year.

I am extremely proud of my husband and of the many accomplishments in the Air Force. Though he is a big goofball, and I don’t often get to hear anything in specific terms, it’s nice to know that he is a part of such an elite family that is making a big difference in the world and for the future of our children.

After hearing all that has occurred, all of the growth and changes it’s no wonder everyone is anxious to cut loose. Which is exactly why these shindigs are definitely a “don’t miss.” Seeing the high ranking shaking their booties and in our case, watching the white elephant gift exchange gave humorous tales that will linger well into the new year!