Grant McGee: Christmas special every year

Grant McGee

Christmas means many things to many folks.

For Christians its the birth of Christ.

For Pagans it means the rebirth of the Sun.

And for folks who like presents and things it’s a great time to get stuff from Santa Claus.

This Christmas Day I’m thinking about great December 25ths I have known. Do you remember some Christmas Days that were just the best ever?

There was the time my firstborn came into the world. What a great feeling.

Every one of the kids being born is special, but that first one, that was a once in a lifetime happening. She was just a little thing born on Dec. 23, Christmas Eve eve, a perfect Christmas gift.

That was just the best Christmas ever.

There were Christmases that were special for different reasons, like the one during a seriously lean time when my parents came to town. They brought gifts of new clothes, they took me out to dinner, my dad and I talked like we’d never talked before; it was just the best Christmas ever.

I’m glad it happened because the following Christmas my father wasn’t around anymore.

Nowadays it seems every Christmas is just the best Christmas ever.

The Lady of the House starts scouting out great gifts for everyone almost as soon as the stores open back up after the holiday. Then as Christmas approaches she’s baking, baking and then baking some more.

The kitchen is full of pies and quiches and cookies and stuff. It all makes me a bit anxious because between work and everything I can’t quite measure up to what The Lady of the House does for Christmas.

I told her so.

“It’s okay,” she said. “I just enjoy watching you eat.”

So Merry Christmas to all, and may this be just your best Christmas ever.