Letters to the editor: Speeding getting out of control

I have recently moved to Clovis and generally really like this town. I do have one concern though.

In the past six months, I have observed a real speed-demon mentality around here. It’s mostly people in their hotrod trucks with loud, modified exhaust systems, but also includes drivers of Harley motorcycles on occasion, and drivers in modified import cars. It seems that the only way for these people to get from point A to point B is at full throttle.

The sound ricocheting through the neighborhood is unwelcome, and nobody is impressed. And I am a hotrodder of many years myself, but I take great care to keep it quiet and under control when driving through a neighborhood.

I also find it annoying when a speed-demon drives 2 inches off my bumper because I’m “in his way.” Look, last time I checked, the speed limit through city streets was not 60.

Let’s try some common sense and take it easy on those gas pedals. As for the police of Clovis, I’d really like to see a few more speed traps set up to control people who are currently out-of-control.