Hail damage claims through roof

CNJ staff photo: Tony Bullocks Juan Flores, left, and Manuel Morales of R.G. Construction apply shingles to a new home Monday on Springwood Drive.

As 2010 gets ready to bid its farewell, hail damage from a pair of June storms is hanging around some houses like the Griswolds’ cousin Eddie.

The storm caused millions of dollars in damage, and it still represents a lot of paperwork for insurance agents and labor for construction crews. It’s expected to go well into 2011.

The City of Clovis went through all of 2009 with 215 reroof permits issued. That same total for the first 11 months of 2010 is at 2,279, and July, August and September each had more than double the 2009 total on their own.

Barbara Brian, vice president of Clovis Insurance, said it’s not the worst storm she’s seen in the area. She recalls one mid-90s storm where “we literally pulled every policy we had and filed a claim.”

But it’s a pretty significant storm, and the evidence is still coming in.

Brian said as of Monday, the company has paid out more than $6 million from the storm, and, “we have a lot of claims that are still open.”

That number doesn’t count insurance companies with their own Clovis offices and, of course, other independent insurance providers in Clovis.

Customer demand is down for roofing lately, but that can be attributed to weather. Karlton Reed, owner of Reed Construction, said most people would rather not worry about the possibility of winter weather interference.

“We’re holding off until spring,” said Reed, whose company is still doing three to four jobs per week. “We’re still doing a few every now and then, but most want to wait until spring.”

Still, there’s plenty of business to go around. There were 106 reroof claims filed in November, for instance.

He figures the backlog may be taken care of before the halfway point of 2011 —