Letter to the editor: Clean energy creates employment

The economic recession we are in is the direct result of deregulation of the financial industry. With the facts staring us in the face some (new governor and lieutenant governor) want to further eliminate governmental controls — “common sense” and “approach to state politics and decreased governmental regulation of New Mexico industries.”

“Common sense” is a copyright conservative phrase. A used car salesman’s “Have I got a deal for you” is in the same category.

Lt. Gov.-elect Sanchez thinks that controlling green house gas emissions has the potential to destroy New Mexico’s economy. Pursuing clean energy has been proven to generate jobs. The future belongs to whoever is the leader in clean energy and right now China is eating our lunch.

Conservatives profess to be “deficit hawks” BUT give tax cuts to the rich, which adds billions to the deficit. Also they want to eliminate “ObamaCare,” which studies have shown will reduce the deficit.

The “Conservative-Care,” that conservatives want to keep, was the most expensive in the world, left millions uninsured and let 30,000 plus per year die and ranked 37th. The CBO says the old health care system is unsustainable. Common sense.

Your recent editorial about the GOP preparing to battle EPA over regulations is a summary of what conservatives think of government protecting the environment. The EPA’s purpose is to protect and preserve the environment for our descendants. Those that oppose EPA want to rape the environment for profit without regard for the consequences in the present or future. The environment is finite. When money and science collide money wins every time. Common sense.

A Native American Proverb says “ We do not inherit the land from our ancestors,we borrow it from our children.”