Letter to the editor: Dems putting freedom in danger

Dems putting freedom in danger

It is not good to have a super majority in Washington. That is what we have now, held by the Democrats.

Because they had this great majority, they passed a government health care (one payee) bill involving 2,500 unread pages and passed behind closed doors.

This bill forces the American people to purchase coverage or pay a penalty.

The Democrats also passed a trillions-of-dollars bailout bill and took federal ownership of various major industries, raising the government national debt to $14 trillion for future generations to satisfy.

It’s true that President Bush is responsible for part of this debt, but he dealt with major disasters, such as 9/11, Katrina flooding and Iraq, which threatened the security of our nation.

Because of their super majority, the Democrats are pushing a Socialist government to take away the wealth of the rich (which includes the hard-working middle class) to help the poor. This will encourage more government welfare and may cause a Communist takeover.

The American people, with the help of the Tea Party, are presently rebelling to all of this and consequently voted out some 50 Democrats from the Congress, which greatly reduced their majority. It appears they may lose additional Democrats since the lame-duck Congress is presently about to increase taxes by replacing President Bush’s tax cuts and also trying to pass a trillion dollar stimulus omnibus spending bill, which also includes $7 billion for earmarks spending requested by Democrats and Republicans.

America must wake up. We could lose our freedom provided by our forefathers, who gave us a Constitution and a Declaration of Independence that has protected the United States of America for over 225 years.