Letter to the editor: Poor planning went into concert

My wife and I attended a concert Dec. 12 at the Clovis Civic Center.

The program was one that we particularly wanted to see. We arrived 30 minutes early as we were aware that parking at the center is very limited.

Upon entering the center, we were told we must wait in the lobby until the doors were opened. However, the section nearest the stage, which was reserved for those who had season tickets, were allowed to be seated upon arrival. Yet we were not allowed to be seated in the non-reserve area until approximately five minutes before the show started.

We found seats at a table next to the barrier in order to be as close to the stage as possible. When the show started, I had to ask the “sound systems tech” people to sit as they were standing and obstructing our view of the stage (The sound system people and console should be placed elsewhere to avoid blocking view from the audiences).

The dancers were not visible, because the stage was not large enough to accommodate them and they had to perform on the floor in front. We could only view the dancers’ heads. The larger stages at Marshall (auditorium) or a downtown theater would have been better than the civic center and large enough to accommodate the audience. The parking would have been just as good downtown.

All during the show, people were coming in and out of the room, allowing light to stream in from the lobby. This was also distracting, not only to the audience but, no doubt, to the actors as well. If not for the really great performances by the “Mariachi Buenaventura,” this would have been a very bad experience.