Clovis teens face felony charges in burglary

Argen Duncan

Five Clovis teenage boys face felony charges, accused of aggravated burglary for an incident that occurred Monday in Roosevelt County, according to the Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office.

A release from the sheriff said one of the ways aggravated burglary happens is when a person breaks into a dwelling, then arms himself. It is a second degree felony.

Roosevelt County Chief Deputy Malin Parker said the boys were between the ages of 14 and 17. Juvenile Probation and Parole had ordered that they be held in the Curry County Juvenile Detention Center until their court hearings, he said.

Just before 6 p.m. Monday, Roosevelt County Sheriff’s deputies were sent to South Roosevelt Road 6 near N.M. 88 on a report of a burglary in progress.

According to news release from the sheriff’s office, the victim said he came home and saw a small red pickup parked next to his residence. Three teenage boys got into the truck and sped in the direction of his vehicle, which was blocking the driveway.

The homeowner swerved out of the way and gave chase, according to the release. During the chase, the man called 911.

The teenagers threw items taken from the man’s home out the window of the truck during the car chase, according to the release. Soon after, before deputies arrived, the homeowner lost sight of the pickup.

While investigating, the news release said, deputies found two stolen guns beside the road, and came into contact with two teenage boys walking along N.M. 88. One of the boys had a handgun belonging to the burglary victim in his pocket, Parker said.

Those two boys had been in the house when the homeowner arrived, Parker said, and the other three teenagers left them.

According to the news release, sheriff’s office personnel interviewed the two boys found along N.M. 88, and the teenagers confessed and identified the other three involved in the burglary. The pickup truck was found in Clovis, and Curry County Sheriff’s deputies arrested one of the boys.

As of 8 p.m. Tuesday, all five boys were jailed, according to the release.

Parker said the burglary was a crime of opportunity, and he didn’t know why the boys allegedly came from Clovis to steal from the house.

Parker said the boys stole guns, a PlayStation and other items, some of which had been recovered. Some of the items thrown out during the chase had been picked up before deputies returned to the scene.

Parker asked that anyone who found guns or other unusual items in the area contact the sheriff’s office at 356-4408.