Letter to the editor: Clovis residents taxed enough

Clovis residents taxed enough

In Sunday’s edition of the Clovis News Journal, the mayor wrote about another gross receipts tax being needed in Clovis for the Ute pipeline project. It would be no skin off her back because she makes more money than most of us.

We’re taxed enough already.

Don’t you remember Mayor Brumfield and city commissioners that two months ago Curry County residents voted down a tax increase for the courthouse and jail improvements?

Of course not, and Clovis is far too small to already have a gross receipts tax of nearly 8 percent. Cut it, and cut it now by 2 to 2 1/2 percent. Then find someone with a little more fiscal responsibility to manage Clovis and cut the bloat.

Twice recently a CNJ headline read: “Gross receipts tax proceeds up again.”

If you keep raising taxes, more and more people are going to move away, as hundreds have already done. If you keep raising taxes, pretty soon, if not already, those at Cannon Air Force Base are going to start complaining and then you will really be in a world of hurt.

We’re taxed enough already.

P.S. I’m not a member of the tea party.