Scientific race to dispute God futile

Freedom New Mexico

The embarrassing race to disprove God continues with a new book titled “The Grand Design: New Answers to the Ultimate Questions of Life,” by acclaimed physicist Stephen Hawking and lesser-known physicist Leonard Mlodinow.

Humanity cannot survive and thrive without honest and objective science. Without pure science, it’s easy to surmise that humans may have been killed off by contagious diseases that have been stopped by scientific discovery.

When scientists cheapen their discipline, tripping over themselves in a futile race to expose the faithful as simpletons, humanity suffers. The unofficial “Disprove God” race — a growing industry full of rising stars — blurs the line that delineates philosophical/religious beliefs from science.

Great scientists of the past — the likes of Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin and Louis Pasteur — never tried to disprove religious theories about creation and God. Darwin, a darling of the modern atheist movement, wanted nothing to do with atheists and distanced himself from them at every opportunity. Darwin explained that he confined himself to science, avoiding analysis of religion. Sir Isaac Newton, who explained gravity, taught us that science could never explain the origin of the universe, merely its behavior.

The big-bang theory, largely accepted as the origin of our universe, was discovered by Monsignor Georges Henri Joseph Edouard Lemaitre — a revered scientist and devout Catholic priest far too intelligent to consider big bang anything more than a process within a greater sphere of time and space. The time and space originated from something for which Fr. Lemaitre had no scientific explanation. Einstein applauded the Rev. Lema