Letter to the editor: Clovis can’t grow without water

Clovis can’t grow without water

I would like to express my support for the upcoming gross receipt tax increase.

If we don’t have enough water for our town, then all the talk of growing and drawing new

businesses is for naught. Unless we can create jobs, all other bond issues and tax increase issues are premature and a moot point.

Our elected officials always seem to be putting the cart before the horse. We need jobs and more inhabitants in our town.

When we have this, we will get a big enough population base to support some things that are nice to have but not necessary at this time. The recent issues of a new jail and courthouse come to mind as prime examples of this. It would seem to me that water is the key issue.

Please support a gross receipt tax increase for the Ute pipeline as it will assure an adequate water supply for many years and will help Clovis grow, and hopefully prosper.