Military mama: Facebook opens doors for friendships

I love hearing from readers, it makes me happy to know that I’m not just spilling my guts with no one taking any note. Your friend requests on Facebook and stopping me in the store just to say “hi” make my day. I did meet my first “fan.” I say that, only because that’s how she introduced herself.

I laughed and laughed.

I feel like my role as a columnist is not only to provide a bit of entertainment and humor, but to also open up to you in a way that you are able to relate.

When my fan asked me how I kept it all together, once again great guffaws escaped my lungs. Keep it together? If life is a puzzle I’m still working on the edges and am probably missing a handful of pieces.

She then went on to tell me that she hopes that she is a mom like me when she has her baby, which is well on its way. This time she about had me in stitches.

My life is entertaining, amusing and occasionally challenging. I am blessed with miniature spitfires that inherited all genetic predisposition for being stubborn. Whatever comes along, I have one thing going for me: The ability to laugh at myself. Without taking myself too seriously, I am able to survive just about any situation. Do realize that this ability is something that we all have, we just have to choose to accept it. Not every situation is immediately funny, but more often than after the initial shock has subsided it is so much better to laugh than to cry.

My Kaleb once dropped a can of paint all over the living room, twice locked himself in the bathroom and forced his mommy to climb through a window to save the day (once causing the MP’s to investigate the ‘break-in.’) I’m sure that these will not be the last of my mommy traumas. But, I recover quickly when I choose to see the humor in the situations.

By nature we compare ourselves to others, we see an ideal and strive for it. I’m not sure how in this situation I was mistaken for this gold standard, but I was flattered nonetheless. We all feel this urge to keep up with the “Joneses.” It is helpful in creating the desire to improve ourselves. But it can also drive one just about nutty if the goal is too far out of reach.

If I strive to be a TV mom and aim for Mrs. Cosby; I would likely fall short and end up as Roseanne or Peg Bundy. This is exactly why I’m trying not to strive to be anything or anyone else. Rather, I am putting forth the effort to be the best me I can be. And I choose to laugh all along the way.

For the rest of you, should you choose to emulate another wife and mother please aim higher. Raise the bar, but if you do choose to limbo along with me, I hope you’re feeling flexible.