Sign, click, submit: TRICARE enrollment process streamlined

By Mike Walbert: TriWest Healthcare Alliance

PHOENIX — Enrolling into the TRICARE West Region now has the feel and ease of signing a credit card transaction at the market or department store.

TriWest Healthcare Alliance, the Department of Defense contractor that manages TRICARE for the 21-state West Region, has rolled out electronic signature pads to nearly all of its TRICARE Service Centers at West Region offices, bringing convenience to customers.

How it works: Rather than flipping through pages of forms to sign, beneficiaries now can sign their enrollment, allotment and drive-time waiver forms on the electronic pad, click to submit and it’s done.

Once the signature is submitted, the documents are electronically transmitted to TriWest’s enrollment department, where beneficiaries are entered into the system.

Other advantages include:

• If a record needs to be located, electronic forms can be found much faster than a paper form.

• Electronic signature process helps reduce the amount of paper used; however, West Region beneficiaries can still receive a print-out for their records.

“We’re excited about this automated process because it’s extremely easy for our beneficiaries to use,” said TriWest President and CEO David J. McIntyre, Jr. “We recognize the enrollment process can sometimes be complicated. By streamlining it with electronic signatures, we’re helping to make the entire process more convenient for our customers.”