City going to taxpayers too often

The Clovis City Commission is attempting to implement yet another increase to the gross receipts tax to fund the city’s portion of the Ute Water Project. This project will bring much needed water to Clovis and surrounding communities. We have been aware of the need and the costs attached for several years.

In 2004, the city commission heavily promoted a plan to generate millions of dollars for the Ute Water project by raising the gross receipts tax 1/4 percent. In the end, voters approved the tax hike, and commissioners assigned funds to multiple projects. To date, $10 million has been generated from that tax increase, but only $835,509 (8.4 percent) has been used for the Ute project.

If the proposed 1/4 percent increase for 2011 is implemented, what happens to the 8.4 percent of the original tax that is presently going to the project? No doubt it will disappear also. What about the taxes implemented to fund the Potter Park project and the landfill? Both are scheduled to be paid off in 2013.

With the projects paid off in 2013, will the commission do away with the tax? Don’t bet on it. When was the last time we, the taxpayers, have seen a tax expire?

I have seen no evidence of belt tightening by the city in recent memory. We need the water, but we are going to the taxpayer well far too often.

Taxpayers must voice their opinion.

I urge all to attend the town hall meeting at 6 p.m. Monday and the city commission meeting at 5:15 p.m. Thursday, both in the north annex of Clovis library.