Letter to the editor: Families should have been notified

Families should have been notified

We are among the residents upset over the “clean sweep” done at Lawn Haven Memorial Gardens on Llano Estacado Boulevard.

We were tending to my daughter’s grave Jan. 15 when a young couple asked us if we were missing anything from our grave site because someone had removed all the mementos from theirs.

A quick look confirmed what they were saying. Not only were we missing things, but the entire cemetery was nearly void of flowers, flags, lights and mementos.

We learned the missing items were placed in a trash bin at the back of the cemetery by cemetery operators.

After learning residents were upset, the management of the cemetery lined items from the trash bin along the building for retrieval by the families. We were told to “read our contracts,” that the cemetery had strict codes for what was allowed.

If the management decided a clean up is due and they intend to enforce their policies, the common courtesy of notification would have been appreciated. Removing these items without at least notification shows not only a lack of goodwill as a business, but a lack of compassion, which you wouldn’t expect from people dealing with bereavement.

This cemetery is locally owned and operated, and filled with family, friends and loved ones of this community.

A simple notification would have allowed families to retrieve their mementos, lights, ornaments and flags before they were discarded.