List helps keep life lessons in mind

I was glancing over some old e-mails last week and came across an e-mail that a friend from far away had sent me some months back. Along with this friends greeting, she sent an entire litany of statements titled “18 things I have learned.” She said she received the email from someone else who also received it from someone else.

Usually by the time the e-mails make it around the globe, the author’s name is unknown. Such was the email that I received form her. These statements were both thought provoking and inspiring and I thought it worth the newspaper space to print the list.

I have included the list from friend’s e-mail and then contributed a few of my own. So I will title these few bits of wisdom “30 things I have learned.”

Some of these statements I have learned well. Some I am still working on.

1. Always treat people like Jesus is standing right there bedside you — because He is.

2. You can do something in a minute that will bring you grief for an entire lifetime.

3. A soft answer really does turn away wrath just like the writer in Proverbs said.

4. You should always part from loved ones with affectionate words because it just may well be the last time you see them.

5. When I can’t help someone in any other way, I can pray for them; that was the thing that should have been done in the first place.

6. We know that God always listens when we pray.

7. We are responsible for what we do, no matter how we feel at the time.

8. If everything done in life was done just because it was fun, we would never get anything done.

9. You can tell the true character of a person by the way he or she treats little children.

10. Money is not a measure of success.

11. I do not have all the answers but God does.

12. We control or attitudes or our attitudes control us.

13. It is a good thing that God doesn’t answer all our prayers.

14. Being angry doesn’t give a person the right to be cruel or hateful to others.

15. Hurting people’s feelings under the guise of honesty is callous and mean spirited.

16. When tempted to sin, don’t think about what you are running from but who you are running to.

17. If I put God first in my life, He will take care of the details in my life.

18. God is working everywhere; we just have to have the eyes to see Him.

19. Don’t be so open minded that your brains fall out and you stand for nothing.

20. God does not call the equipped; He equips those He calls.

21. You cannot outsource the teaching of your faith to your children.

22. Happiness comes from within; happiness does not lie in one’s possessions.

23. Sin always takes you further than you meant to go, keeps you longer than you meant to stay and costs you more than you meant to pay.

24. People are just that — people; sometimes they will disappoint you.

25. Perceptions are really realities to people who hold those perceptions.

26. The Bible is both timely and timeless.

27. Don’t let participation in church be more important to you than your personal relationship with Christ.

28. Never compromise your principles to gain money, power or prestige.

29. Our daily lives should model the message of Christ.

30. Our lives are living letters for the world to read. What does your life’s letter say?

Judy Brandon is a Clovis resident. Contact her at: