Press release: Xcel continues to ask for conservation

Wes Reeves

AMARILLO, Texas – Xcel Energy is asking electric customers in Texas and New Mexico to join their neighbors across the region in conserving energy as regional utility systems struggle to meet high demand with diminished resources.

The utility company is not planning rotating outages in the area at this time, but is cautioning customers that conditions both inside and outside the area could impact Xcel Energy’s ability to serve customers. Natural gas supplies to area power plants have been curtailed to lower volumes because of natural gas pipeline supply and delivery issues. Additionally, high electrical loads within the Xcel Energy service area are straining the company’s distribution system.

Xcel Energy currently anticipates having enough resources to meet demand based on the generating and gas supply situation at noon Thursday. However, if natural gas supplies to regional power plants are interrupted further, or if the company loses any generating capacity because of extremely cold weather, the company may be unable to meet customer demand.

Customers can help prevent power emergencies by: