Taxes wasted on phone service

Have you tried calling any government agency lately? Agencies such as the local Social Security office, for instance? Wasn’t it nice to have your own private 800 number to dial to get an immediate hookup to the expected recording advertising all the great services that are offered?

I had that experience this week, and like every other time I’ve called this agency in my 78 years on this planet, that’s all I got.

For 20 minutes I patiently waited to hear a live person and finally my patience gave out. To think that my tax dollars are helping to pay for that “service” makes my stomach turn. I think of it this way. If money is to be spent, then let the people who provide the money get something for their dollar besides a recording. I doubt that any of these offices are so undermanned or too busy to answer their phone. My guess is that they’re overmanned and just ‘too busy’ to pick up a phone. Maybe installing a phone by the coffee pot is the answer.

I don’t know what the government is charged for an 800 number, but when that charge is multiplied by the number of offices that have one, the sum total can be significant. Yet good old Uncle Sam goes on paying for something that isn’t being used properly. I never gave it much thought, but maybe privatization IS the answer.