Press release: ENMU sets record spring enrollment

PORTALES–Eastern New Mexico University in Portales has set an all-time enrollment record for a spring semester with 4,864 students. This is also the second highest enrollment of any semester in school history, trailing only the 5,080 students of the 2010 fall semester.

This spring’s enrollment is an increase of 11.6 percent over the previous record for a spring enrollment, set last year with 4,359 students.

Student credit hours, which higher education institutions funding is based on, increased by 7.9 percent over last spring.

ENMU’s record spring enrollment includes 3,831 undergraduate and 1,033 graduate students. These numbers include 1,097 freshmen and sophomores, 1,849 juniors and seniors and 1,033 graduate students. (Undergraduate totals do not match the totals for freshmen through seniors because of non-degree-seeking students.)

Campus housing is also bustling with approximately 820 students living on campus.

“We are extremely satisfied with this year’s spring enrollment. The university enjoyed good retention from the fall semester and a large influx of new students,” said Steven Gamble, ENMU president.

“The fact that this enrollment is an all-time record for a spring semester is gratifying. We are also proud that the institution enrolled over 1,000 graduate students for the first time in its history.

“We realize that the economy is playing a role in our continued record enrollments. When people cannot find employment they do return to school to enhance their job skills. But we believe that is only a small part of the story. Eastern has gained a reputation for offering a great education in a number of fields at one of the lowest prices in the Southwest. That, along with faculty and staff who truly care about the students as individuals and do everything they can to help them, is a winning combination.

“In addition to high quality academics, Eastern offers a robust and self-enhancing social life for its diverse student population. Between varsity and intramural sports, student organizations, and fine arts, multicultural, entertainment and educational events, Eastern develops students who are as prepared to succeed socially as academically. Both are integral to success in their professional and personal lives.

“Eastern’s beautiful and friendly campus is also located in a small and safe town. This gives parents the confidence that their students will be in an on- and off-campus environment, free of unhealthy stress, which allows them to stay focused on achieving their goals.”

Gamble also said that Eastern offers free tutoring and advising for students, generous financial aid and scholarships, and complimented faculty and staff for their hard work and dedication in showing personal attention to students.