Big give: Cannon community competes against each other with community service projects

USAF file photo The “Log Dogs” from Cannon earned $3,000 for their work during the Big Give program on base last year. They were one of nine teams of 134 volunteers who worked to make the community better with numerous community service projects.

Cannon Connections staff

Cannon Air Force Base’s community center is gearing up for the annual community service project, the Big Give.

In the Big Give, teams of between five and 15 people go out into the community and compete for the grand prize of $3,000 with community service projects.

Teams can sign up for the project during the month of March.

Last year, projects ranged from decorating expecting mothers’ rooms at the hospital and serving food at the Lighthouse Mission.

In 2010, nine teams of 134 people participated.

“Those are the kinds of projects we’re looking for,” Community Center Director Paul Hopkins said.

Hopkins said teams find their own project in the community with a non-profit organization and have the month of April to complete it.

The teams will compete for a first place prize of $3,000, a second place prize of $1,500 and a people’s choice award of $500.

“Most of the time they give the money right back to the organization that they volunteered with,” Hopkins said.

Sponsors for the program will judge a final presentation by each team. Each team will create a three to five minute presentation in video and photograph form for the judges.

“You want people to be able to be involved in the community,” Hopkins said.

He said community projects like the Big Give help build the relationship between the base the community.

“And you get to help someone in need. You feel better when you’re helping. You get a sense of satisfaction,” Hopkins said.

The project is open to active duty, military retirees and civilian employees of Cannon.

Registration information and forms can be found on and submitted at the community center.