Council betters life for Air Commandos

USAF file photo: Tech. Sgt. Josef Cole An airman retrieves money from an ATM that was installed June 2010 at the Pecos Trail Dining Facility. The Quality of Life Council secured the cash dispenser following requests from airmen at Cannon. The council meets at 2 p.m. on the second Wednesday monthly at the 27th Special Operations Mission Support Group conference room.

By Capt. Colleen Schaelling: 27th Special Operations Forces Support Squadron

The mission of the Cannon Air Force Base Quality of Life Committee is to gather ideas from the community that will improve the work and living environment for military, family, and employees of the base.

Our organization started a year ago with a charge from the wing commander to focus on quality of life issues to make Cannon a better place for everyone. The committee includes representatives from virtually every military and civilian organization on the base.

Some projects completed by the QoL Committee — acting upon suggestions provided by you — include an ATM at the Pecos Trail Dining Facility, a water fountain at the track, bike racks at several locations, and providing parking for expectant mothers. The swimming pool season was also extended into October based upon customer input. Improvements to fitness programs included the purchase of small weight equipment, an upgrade to the child/parent workout room, and providing dodge ball kits for groups to sign out.

AAFES followed up on suggestions by bringing in a massage therapist as a concessionaire, and testing new operating hours for military clothing — now open at 8 a.m. So if you are dressing after PT and realize you left a uniform item at home, you can now make an emergency run to clothing sales.

Current projects we are working on are dog stations next to the running trails, testing the market for a DVD sale box at the dining facility and purchasing dividing walls for the basketball court so your game won’t interfere with the one next to you.

Do you have ideas or suggestions to help make our community better? Then please join us. We meet on the second Wednesday of each month at 2 p.m. in the 27 SOMSG conference room in Bldg. 600. Or e-mail your ideas to us at