Portales boy facing weapons charge

Freedom New Mexico

A 15-year-old Portales boy faces a fourth-degree felony and a misdemeanor charge after bringing handgun parts and knives to school, according to Portales Police Department records.

The boy is charged with unlawful carrying of a deadly weapon on school premises, a fourth-degree felony, and unlawful possession of a handgun, a misdemeanor.

According to police records:

• An officer was called to Portales High School just after noon Wednesday in reference to a student in possession of a deadly weapon.

• School administrators told the officer the teenager revealed a 9 mm handgun barrel to a teacher.

• The boy was escorted to the office, where administrators searched his backpack. They found a 9 mm handgun frame, spring and bolt as well as an 8-inch knife the student said was decorative.

• The handgun parts were insufficient for assembly into a working gun.

• While administrators searched the backpack, the teenager spontaneously and voluntarily emptied his pants pockets, revealing a 4-inch folding knife.

• The boy was removed from school.

PHS Principal Melvin Nusser said as per standard procedure, the student was suspended for 10 days pending a discipline hearing. The hearing will decide if he will face further consequences from the school.

The student’s family declined to comment.