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Settlement talks ongoing in discrimination case

An attorney for the village of Melrose and its former mayor said settlement talks are ongoing in a discrimination claim filed by the village’s former police chief.

Friday, Albuquerque attorney Greg Biehler said there is an agreement “in principle” between parties but there are still things to be worked out, which he expects will take a week or more.

Officials with the state Department of Workforce Solutions confirmed Monday Former Police Chief Jennifer Dreiling had dismissed a human rights claim against former Mayor Lance Pyle and the village after reaching a settlement.

Biehler said he wasn’t aware the claim in the case had been dropped but that settlement in the case is expected.

He declined to discuss settlement terms being negotiated.

Dreiling alleged Pyle made sexual advances toward her and fired her when she turned him down.

Pyle, who also serves as Curry County manager, said Dreiling’s termination was legitimate and he made no attempt to date her.

In June, the state’s Human Rights Bureau found probable cause for sexual discrimination or retaliation, and ordered a formal hearing.

The hearing was scheduled for Feb. 15 and 16 was canceled when Dreiling withdrew her complaint.